JilinIntroduction:Jilin Province is referred to as “Ji” and Changchun City, the provincial capital. It is located at 122-131 degrees east longitude and 41-46 degrees north latitude, with an area of 187,400 square kilometers, accounting for 2% of the national area. Located in the northeastern part of China, it is located in the geometric center of Northeast Asia consisting of Japan, Russia, North Korea, South Korea, Mongolia and northeastern China. It is connected to Heilongjiang Province in the north, Liaoning Province in the south, Inner Mongolia Autonomous Region in the west, Russia in the east, and Tumen River and Yalu River in the southeast. It faces the Democratic People's Republic of Korea across the river. It is 650 kilometers long from east to west and 300 kilometers wide from north to south. The southeast is high, the northwest is low, and the midwest is a vast plain. The climate in Jilin Province is a temperate monsoon climate with a relatively obvious continental nature. It is hot and rainy in summer and cold and dry in winter. Jilin is an important industrial base in China JilinSubordinate city: changchunshi, jilinshi, sipingshi, liaoyuanshi, tonghuashi, baishanshi, songyuanshi, baichengshi, yanbianchaoxianzuzizhizhou, .