jilinshiIntroduction:About Jilin: Jilin is a beautiful city with mountains and rivers, located 124 kilometers east of Changchun City. It is the only city in China that has the same name as the province. Because the Kangxi Emperor’s East Tour made the Songhua River Songs, there is a sentence of “Jianjiang City”. Therefore, Jilin City is also known as “Jiangcheng”. The surrounding mountains and the revolving Songhua River make Jilin a natural beauty of “three sides of the green hills, one city and two rivers”. Jilin Tourism: Jilin has rich tourism resources, and the natural scenery is especially good in winter. Jilin smog and snow, Guilin landscape, Yunnan Shilin, and the Three Gorges of the Yangtze River are regarded as China's four natural wonders; Songhua Lake, a national scenic spot, is one of the large artificial lakes in China. It can swim in summer and ski in winter; in addition, there is also the urban forest park Longtan. Beautiful scenery such as mountains and Zhuque Mountain. One of the multi-ethnic residences in Jilin City, the Wulu Street Manchu style, the ethnic customs of the villages of Elathi and Xingguang Village, has strong national characteristics and attracts a large number of Chinese and foreign tourists. jilinshiSubordinate urban areas:: jilinshixiaqu, changyiqu, longtanqu, chuanyingqu, fengmanqu, yongjixian, jiaoheshi, huadianshi, shulanshi, panshishi, .