yanbianchaoxianzuzizhizhouIntroduction:Yanbian Introduction: The Yanbian Korean Autonomous Prefecture is located in the eastern part of Jilin Province, adjacent to the Russian Primorsky Territory in the east, and borders on the Tumen River in the south with the North Korean River and the two rivers. It is the border of the three countries and is under the jurisdiction of the Yanji Border Office. Yanbian is known as the hometown of education, the hometown of football, and the hometown of song and dance. Yanbian Tourism: Yanbian Mountain, Lin Duo, Juduo, Cao Duo, more native products, more mineral resources, rich products, beautiful environment, Changbai Mountain Nature Reserve, which is determined by the United Nations as “Human and Biosphere”, Qianli Tumen River The unique natural landscape, the unique scenery of the anti-chuan border at the glance of the Three Kingdoms, the scenic spot of Xianjingtai, the distant ancient ruins of the ancient Shu Kingdom, and the rich Korean national customs have made people fascinated and lingering. 7 tourism development zones and 12 tourism projects have been opened. yanbianchaoxianzuzizhizhouSubordinate urban areas:: yanjishi, tumenshi, dunhuashi, huichunshi, longjingshi, helongshi, wangqingxian, antuxian, .