tonghuashiIntroduction:Tonghua Introduction: “Northern Mountain City” Tonghua is known as “Hometown of Ginseng”, “Hometown of Chinese Medicine”, “Hometown of Quality Rice”, “Hometown of Wine”, “Hometown of Skiing” and “Hometown of Chinese Pine Blossoms” The reputation of "six townships". It is located in the southeast of Jilin Province. It is the largest regional central city in the southeastern part of Jilin Province and the eastern part of Northeast China. It is the third largest city in Jilin Province and the tenth largest city in Northeast China. It is also the nearest city to Jilin Province. Tonghua Tourism: Tonghua Mountain has beautiful scenery and beautiful scenery. It has peculiar natural, humanistic and historical landscapes and rich tourism resources. The main scenic spots include the “Donggou Ancient Tombs” and “Marudu Mountain City” in Ji'an City, which are listed as national key cultural protection units. The provincial key cultural relics protection units include “domestic city” and “overlord” in Ji'an City. Chaoshan City and "Changchuan Mural Tomb". There are natural landscapes and red tourist attractions such as Jingyu Cemetery, Wufufeng National Forest Park, Qianye Lake Ski Resort, Yuhuangshan Park, Yunfeng Lake, Sanlong Longwan, Longwan Nature Reserve and Longwan National Forest Park. tonghuashiSubordinate urban areas:: tonghuashixiaqu, dongchangqu, erdaojiangqu, tonghuaxian, huinanxian, liuhexian, meihekoushi, jianshi, .