sipingshiIntroduction:Introduction to Siping: Siping City is a military town in the Northeast, and is regarded as a Eastern Madrid by historians. It is located in the middle of the Songliao Plain, in the southwest of Jilin Province, at the junction of the three provinces (regions) of Liao, Ji and Meng. It has a long history and a profound cultural heritage. There are ancestors here to survive and prosper in the Yin and Zhou Dynasties. Siping Tourism: Sipingshanchuan Zhongling Xiuxiu, the natural scenery is like an artificial garden, and the lake and mountains are a green ribbon. The main scenic spots include the Erlong Lake Scenic Area, the hometown of the Three-Generation Empress, Yehe Town, the Siping Battle Memorial Hall, and the only museum in the country that displays the Manchu-born cultural relics and folk customs--Yitong Manchu Folk Museum and Shanmen Erlang Mountain Scenic Area. Yitong Dagushan Tourist Area, Siping Liberation Martyrs Memorial Tower, Zhuanshanhu Reservoir, Siping Heroes Square, Sipingshanmen Scenic Area, etc. sipingshiSubordinate urban areas:: sipingshixiaqu, tiexiqu, tiedongqu, lishuxian, yitongmanzuzizhixian, gongzhulingshi, shuangliaoshi, .