HeilongjiangIntroduction:Heilongjiang Province is located in the most northeastern part of China. The northern and eastern ends of China's land are located in the province. Named after Heilongjiang in the northeast of the province, it is called black. The eastern and northern parts of Heilongjiang are bordered by Russia with the Wusuli River Heilongjiang River. It is about 3,045 kilometers long with Russia's water-land boundary; it is connected to Inner Mongolia Autonomous Region in the west and Jilin Province in the south. It is between 43°26′~53°33′ north latitude, 121°11′~135°05′ east longitude, about 1120 kilometers long from north to south, about 930 kilometers wide from east to west, with an area of 473,000 square kilometers. Heilongjiang governs one sub-provincial city, one larger city, ten prefecture-level cities, one region, and 64 municipal districts, 18 county-level cities, 45 counties, and one autonomous county. The western part of Heilongjiang belongs to the Songnen Plain and the northeast is three HeilongjiangSubordinate city: haerbinshi, qiqihaershi, jixishi, hegangshi, shuangyashanshi, daqingshi, yichunshi, jiamusishi, qitaiheshi, mudanjiangshi, heiheshi, suihuashi, daxinganlingdiqu, .