LiaoningIntroduction:Liaoning Province, referred to as “Liao” and Shenyang, the provincial capital, has jurisdiction over 14 prefecture-level cities, including 2 sub-provincial cities (Shenyang and Dalian), located in the south of Northeast China, bordering on the Yellow Sea and Bohai Sea in the south, and separated from the North Korea by the East. It is the only province along the coast and along the border with Japan and South Korea. It is also the gateway to the northeast and the eastern part of Inner Mongolia Autonomous Region. Liaoning is an important old industrial base in China. It is one of the provinces with relatively complete industrial categories. It is one of the earliest coastal provinces in China to implement the policy of opening up to the outside world. It is also one of the earliest provinces in China to open up in the modern era. It is the Chinese nation and the Chinese civilization. One of the birthplaces, the cradle of the rise of New China's industry, is known as the "elderly son of the Republic" and "Oriental Ruhr." LiaoningSubordinate city: shenyangshi, dalianshi, anshanshi, fushunshi, benxishi, dandongshi, jinzhoushi, yingkoushi, fuxinshi, liaoyangshi, panjinshi, tielingshi, chaoyangshi, huludaoshi, .