HainanIntroduction:Hainan Province, referred to as Qiong, also known as Qiongzhou, is located at the southern end of China. Hainan Province is the largest province in China (land area plus ocean area). Hainan Special Economic Zone is China's largest provincial-level special economic zone and the only provincial-level special economic zone. Hainan Island is the second largest in China after Taiwan Island. island. Hainan Province is bordered by Guangdong Province in the north of Hainan Province, and bordered by Guangdong Province in the north. It faces the Guangxi Zhuang Autonomous Region and Vietnam in the west, the South China Sea and Taiwan Province in the east, and the Philippines, Brunei and Malaysia in the South China Sea in the southeast and south. In April 1988, Hainan established the province and established the Hainan Special Economic Zone. The administrative areas of Hainan Province include Hainan Island and Xisha Islands, Nansha Islands, the islands and reefs of the Zhongsha Islands and their sea areas. Hainan is located on the northern edge of the tropics and has a tropical monsoon climate. HainanSubordinate city: haikoushi, sanyashi, sanshashi, danzhoushi, shengzhixiaxian, .