TientsinIntroduction:Tianjin, referred to as Tianjin, is a municipality directly under the Central Government of China, a national central city of China, an economic center of northern China, an economic center of the Bohai Rim region, an international shipping center of northern China, an international logistics center of northern China, an international port city and an ecological city, and an international shipping financing center. , China Traditional Chinese Medicine Research and Development Center, Asia-Pacific Regional Marine Instrument Testing and Evaluation Center. Tianjin is also one of the six super-large cities. Tianjin has risen since ancient times, and Ming Yongle officially built the city on November 21 (December 23, 1404). It is the only city in ancient China with a record of the exact time of city construction. After more than 600 years, it has created a unique urban style that is compatible with Tianjin and China. Tianjin is located at the confluence of the five major tributaries of the Haihe River in the North China Plain, bordering on the Bohai Sea in the east and Yanshan in the north. TientsinSubordinate city: shixiaqu, shixiaxian, .