GuangdongIntroduction:Guangdong Province, named after Lingnan East Road and Guangnan East Road, referred to as “Guangdong”, the provincial capital of Guangzhou, is a province on the southern tip of the Chinese mainland, located south of Nanling, on the coast of the South China Sea, with Hong Kong, Macau, Guangxi, Hunan, Jiangxi and Fujian border, and Hainan across the sea, divided into four regions of the Pearl River Delta, Yuedong, Yuexi and Yuebei, under the jurisdiction of 21 provincial cities (two sub-provincial cities, 19 prefecture-level cities) , 119 county-level administrative regions (60 municipal districts, 20 county-level cities, 36 counties, and 3 autonomous counties). Guangdong Province has a unique style in terms of language customs, traditions, history and culture, and is an important inheritance of Lingnan culture. Cantonese, Hakka and proverbs are spoken, and the centers of Guangdong and Shanghai are both in Guangdong. GuangdongSubordinate city: guangzhoushi, shaoguanshi, shenchoushi, zhuhaishi, shantoushi, foshanshi, jiangmenshi, zhanjiangshi, maomingshi, zhaoqingshi, huizhoushi, meizhoushi, shanweishi, heyuanshi, yangjiangshi, qingyuanshi, dongguanshi, zhongshanshi, chaozhoushi, jieyangshi, yunfushi, .