Hubei Introduction:Hubei Province, located in the south of central China, the middle reaches of the Yangtze River, north of Dongting Lake, hence the name Hubei, referred to as "E", the provincial capital Wuhan. Hubei is between 29°05′ and 33°20′ north latitude and 108°21′ to 116°07′ east longitude. It is bordered by Anhui in the east, Jiangxi and Hunan in the southeast, Chongqing in the west, Shaanxi in the northwest and Henan in the north. Hubei is surrounded by mountains on the east, west and north, and the central part is the Jianghan Plain, the land of fish and rice. Hubei is a transportation hub connecting Chengdong Qixi and Liannan to the north. Wuhan Tianhe International Airport is an important airport in the interior of China. The Yangtze River runs from west to east and runs through the province for 1062 kilometers. The Yangtze River and its largest tributary, the Han River, run the river, the water network is vertical and horizontal, and the lake is densely covered. Hubei Province is also known as the “Thousand Lakes Province”. Hubei Subordinate city: wuhanshi, huangshishi, shiyanshi, yichangshi, xiangyangshi, ezhoushi, jingmenshi, xiaoganshi, jingzhoushi, huanggangshi, xianningshi, suizhoushi, enshitujiazumiaozuzizhizhou, shengzhixiaxingzhengdanwei, .