ShangtungIntroduction:Shandong, named after the east of Taihang Mountain, referred to as “Lu”, the provincial capital of Jinan. In the pre-Qin period, it belonged to Qi State and Lu State, hence the name Qilu. Shandong is located in the east coast of China, the lower reaches of the Yellow River, and the north-central section of the Beijing-Hangzhou Grand Canal. It is the northernmost province in East China. The west is connected to the inland, bordering Hebei, Henan, Anhui, and Jiangsu provinces from north to south; the central high is the highest, the Taishan is the highest point in the whole; the eastern Shandong peninsula extends into the Yellow Sea, and the north is separated from the Liaodong Peninsula by the Bohai Strait. Tianjin and Bohai Bay, across the Yellow Sea from the Korean Peninsula, the southeast is close to the wider Yellow Sea, the East China Sea and the southern islands of Japan. Shandong is the birthplace of Confucian culture. The founders of Confucianism, Confucius and Mencius, and the founder of the Mohist thought, Mozi and military strategist Wu Qi, were all born in Lu. ShangtungSubordinate city: jinanshi, qingdaoshi, ziboshi, zaozhuangshi, dongyingshi, yantaishi, weifangshi, jiningshi, taianshi, weihaishi, rizhaoshi, laiwushi, linyishi, dezhoushi, liaochengshi, binzhoushi, hezeshi, .