JiangxiIntroduction:Jiangxi, China's provincial administrative region, referred to as gan, nicknamed the vast land, is the "land of fish and rice" in the south of the Yangtze River, the ancient "Wutou Chuwei, the Yuehu court". Because the Emperor Xuanzong of the Tang Dynasty set up the Jiangnan West Road in 733 AD, it was named after the province, and the largest river in the province was referred to as the Lijiang River. Jiangxi Province is located between 24°29′14′′ to 30°04′41′′ north latitude, 113°34′36′′ to 118°28′58′′ east longitude, east to Zhejiang Province, Fujian Province, south to Guangdong Province, west It is connected to Hunan Province, bordering Hubei Province and Anhui Province in the north and connecting to the Yangtze River. It belongs to East China. Jiangxi Province covers an area of 166,900 square kilometers, administers 11 prefecture-level cities, 100 counties (cities, districts), and the provincial capital is Nanchang City. JiangxiSubordinate city: nanchangshi, jingdezhenshi, pingxiangshi, jiujiangshi, xinyushi, yingtanshi, ganzhoushi, jianshi, yichunshi, fuzhoushi, shangraoshi, .