KiangsuIntroduction:Jiangsu, referred to as “Su”, the provincial capital of Nanjing, is located in the center of the eastern coast of mainland China, between 116°18′~121°57′ east longitude and 30°45′~35°20′ north latitude. In 1667, the province was established by the Jiangnan Buzheng Division. The province is called "Jiangning House" and "Suzhou House" collectively referred to as the abbreviation. Jiangsu Province's inter-provincial land boundary line is 3,383 kilometers, covering an area of 102,600 square kilometers, accounting for 1.06% of China's total land area in China's provinces and autonomous regions.    The terrain of Jiangsu is mainly plain, with a plain area of more than 70,000 square kilometers, accounting for more than 70% of Jiangsu's area, ranking first in all provinces in China. In 2014, Jiangsu had a permanent population of 796.06 million, ranking fifth in China. KiangsuSubordinate city: nanjingshi, wuxishi, xuzhoushi, changzhoushi, suzhoushi, nantongshi, lianyungangshi, huaianshi, yanchengshi, yangzhoushi, zhenjiangshi, taizhoushi, xiuqianshi, .